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Founder & CEO
Donna Hayes


Unforgettable Indulgence was founded by CEO and creator Donna Hayes, a registered nurse who discovered her love for natural hair care and creating and formulating DIY products to serve her own needs after returning to her natural hair in 2015.  During that time, she developed a passion for experimenting with raw butter, oils, and other ingredients that she included in her DIY creations and started making products beneficial for the skin and hair.


Donna has shared her passion by creating the best hair butter ever (Feels Like Butta Hair Repair) and creating the most sensual magnificent, and moisturizing body butter.  Donna first shared these products with her family, friends, and work-family in all the Emergency Rooms she’s worked in throughout her career.  After getting such raving reviews, she decided to give the products a name and market them.  With just word of mouth, FaceBook, and small samples passed around, the sales started taking off, and now she can share the wonderful world of organic hair and skincare of Unforgettable Indulgence.


The plan is to continue creating personalized skin products and share great organic products beneficial to her customers.


Pushing the sustainability boundaries, all products are handcrafted and made to order, not sitting in storage.  Only the finest organic, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free ingredients are used to craft products that will always create an Unforgettable Indulgence.


Please email Donna at or for any questions or concerns.  Unforgettable Indulgence is run by Donna, while she juggles a full-time job,  crafting new scents and products, packaging, shipping, and managing social media platforms independently.  Donna plans to build an incredible team in the future.


To the Queens & Kings of Unforgettable Indulgence, thank you for all your support and, a special thank you for always believing in me.


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